Benesse (Well-Being)

What is “Benesse”?
The heart of “Benesse” is enjoying the process of moving forward step by step, with resolve, toward the realization of your dreams and aspirations
Benesse empowers people to solve issues for themselves and to enjoy life to the full at every stage by offering them the tools and support they need to create well-being. We aim to be a globally respected corporate group that is both supported by and indispensable to its customers, communities, and society in general.


The birth of Benesse

Benesse = bene (well) + esse (being)

Since its foundation in 1955 as Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd., Benesse has worked to nurture people’s potential and assist in their growth, developing as a people-focused business that is trusted by society.
In 1990, it distilled these values into the creation of a new corporate philosophy under the concept of “Benesse”, a portmanteau of the Latin words "bene" (well) and "esse" (being).

The essence of “Benesse” is to help each individual enjoy life by manifesting their unique capabilities and continuing to improve.
In addition to being the company’s guiding principle, this is the “philosophy brand” that informs all of the business activities of the Benesse Group and its employees and staff.

Benesse Art Site Naoshima

Benesse Art Site Naoshima is the generic term applied to art activities conducted by Benesse Holdings and the Fukutake Foundation in locations at Naoshima, Toshima, and Inushima, in the Seto Inland Sea area.
The aim of these activities is to place contemporary art and architecture within the natural beauty and distinctive local culture of each of these three islands to create special places that exist nowhere else.