Experience GTEC CBT

 Here, you can test your skills with Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing questions. Experiencing the test structure and level of the questions will help you in your studies. Please select “By level” to do a trial based on level of difficulty, and “By skill” to do a trial basd on the skill.

If you open the page, there are questions containing autoplay audio.
Please use headphones for the trial.

【 Notes 】


A question screen appears when you select the above “By level”or “By skill” button. You can check your answer by clicking on the “Answer” button, at the bottom right of each screen (Listening and Reading only), and proceed to the next question by clicking the “Next” button.

An audio file is attached to questions with the speaker icon.

※ Please note that the question formats on this learning site might not be the same as those on the actual test screen.