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About this site

The concept of this site

For “well-being” always For “well-being” always

This video depicts “people” of diverse individuality who are taking steps toward a future in which their dreams and ideals are realized and they achieve Benesse (well-being).

The Benesse Group has constantly pursued “Benesse (well-being)” and focused on “people” to support the realization of their dreams and ideals.
Now, we are implementing a variety of initiatives to create "well-being” for people, society, and the future.

We have always, and will always, work to support “well-being.”

On this site, we focus on Benesse’s “now” as it works toward a sustainable society for every individual’s “Benesse (well-being).”

* ”Benesse” is a portmanteau of the Latin words “bene (well)” and “esse (being).”

Sustainability Vision

“Well-being” in society and
for the future.

In the coming era, when change will be normal state of things,
to achieve our aim of an abundant, sustainable world,
we want to reconsider all social issues with a “people-centric” perspective,
and create a society in which everyone can seek out the things they want to do and take on those challenges.
Each and every one of our employees will practice our corporate philosophy of “Benesse – well-being,” and extend it to their local communities, to society at large, and to the future.

Through education, we intend to develop human resources that can contribute to resolution of all of the goals of the 17 SDGs.

Leveraging our strengths in the educational sphere, we intend to develop human resources that can contribute to resolution of the SDGs. We believe this is a contribution to the future that only the Benesse Group can make.

We see the super-aging society as SDG number 18.

The evolving super-aging society is a major issue that Japan is now facing up to before the rest of the world. At Benesse, we see the super-aging society as SDG number 18, and we are implementing initiatives to support an appropriate social structure, including publicizing and sharing the knowledge we have accumulated in our nursing care business.

We will disclose details and the latest updates to our sustainability vision and materiality efforts on this site.